Generating Business with Twitter. Real Talk.

Generating Business with Twitter. Real Talk.


At least several times a week, clients want to know exactly how I use Twitter to efficiently and effectively support our work at UpwardAction®.   Among other things, Twitter is an amazing source of market data for us.  It is also a great way to build buzz for our projects and those of our clients.

The goal for this post is to inspire you to think about how you can use this “little tool” to have a big impact in your business.  Let's explore a few low-effort, high-return ways to benefit from Twitter.Twitter

1) I use to monitor all mentions of my name; our corporate name -UpwardAction; our sister companies & brand names; names of our clients' executives; corporate names of our clients; other companies serving our market, and; keyword phrases directly related to our work and the work of our clients. works just like Google Alerts in that it delivers all of the information/mentions you are tracking directly to your inbox. Perfecto!

2) I use Twitter tools to create event reminders for Team UpwardAction, our followers and me!  Specially, I use to tweet events from my Google Calendar directly into my Twitterstream.

3) I often check before telephone calls or virtual conferences (e.g, via Skype) with current and prospective clients to learn what is going on in their city.  This is a great way to gather data for “small talk” that occurs prior to the meat of a conversation. Having this type of  “small talk data” helps you more easily show interest, build rapport and establish a positive, productive tone for your conversation. aggregates Twitter mentions of cities from around the globe.

My inquiring mind wants to know: Now that you have a few more ways to use Twitter, what will you get cracking on today?   Leave your response in the comment section. I want to hear from you!

Expect the Best!

Coach TC

TC Cooper, Esq.
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