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TC Cooper is the president of UpwardAction® Media, a social marketing and online business consultancy and founder of the #FaithFocusFlow® Institute for Leaders, a virtual training center for faith-centered entrepreneurs and executives in all industries. 

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Tasha (TC) Cooper is an author, keynote speaker, business strategist, and privacy attorney. She has an interesting legal career that has included being a private equity attorney in a large international law firm headquartered in New York City, providing expert legal counsel as deputy to the general counsel of a publicly-traded luxury watch brand, and also being an associate general counsel in government.

TC is the president of Upward Action LLC  – a social media training company that helps thousands of leaders through social media and workshops use the power of social media and digital technology to increase impact, expand influence, and diversify income – all while building legacy-building brands committed to the pursuit of excellence.

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