UpwardAction® Advisory integrates character-driven principles with profitable business practices to elevate influence, increase impact & expand both wallet and heart share. Thrive with us through creativity, innovation, mindfulness, and well-being.
~ TC Cooper, Esq.


UpwardAction® Advisory, is a global catalyst for value-centric leadership. We are partnering with leaders to create a world in which legal, financial services, consulting and coaching workplaces cultivate innovation and well-being.


Our mission is to empower individuals and teams to excel in their roles, enhance their professional brands, and promote well-being. Through our unique blend of personal executive coaching, virtual training, and neuroscience principles, we guide entities as they cultivate purposeful, productive, and profitable workplace cultures in legal, financial services, and consulting that are anchored in core values.


Our primary objective is to support professional service providers in increasing trust and wallet share with clients, fine-tuning communication skills, and effectively issue-spotting for business development opportunities – in a way that is authentic and aligned with their personal values. We are committed to helping professional service providers build profitable business portfolios in a way that supports their professional goals, business objectives, mental health and personal well-being.

Alignment is what we do best.
It's our competitive advantage.

At UpwardAction Advisory, we facilitate the creation of inclusive, high-performing workspaces centered around our clients' core values. Our unique approach integrates Personal, Organizational, and Client Alignment into all of our services.

Personal Alignment focuses on empowering individuals within the organization, using neuroscience principles to enhance each attorney's professional brand, resilience, time management, and adaptability. We integrate mindfulness, meditation, and immersive virtual experiences to heighten performance and job satisfaction.

Organizational Alignment services aim to cultivate high-achieving teams that excel in communication, collaboration, and leadership. We equip your attorneys with the skills to align their work with the needs and goals of the firm, fostering a culture of success that is firmly rooted in your core values.

Client Alignment services center around understanding and connecting with clients needs. We support our clients in developing superior relationship-building, conflict management, and negotiation skills that lead to improved client retention and an expanded wallet share.

Through UpwardAction Advisory high-performance coaching and virtual training programs, we engage the principles of neuroscience to activate impactful strategies and solutions. Our Work cultivates mindful leaders and purposeful, profitable business cultures, all anchored in core values.

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