About Our Founder - TC Cooper, Esq.

With 25 years of legal experience, Tasha (TC) Cooper is a seasoned attorney and business coach. She started her legal career at a prestigious NYC law firm, later becoming deputy to the General Counsel and then Acting General Counsel for a period at a publicly traded company. 
Having transitioned to government service and entrepreneurship, TC excels as both a senior leader and founder. As President of UpwardAction® Advisory, TC provides executive coaching and leadership training to corporate, association, and small business leaders. She's also the founder of the FaithFocusFlow Global Learning Center, which offers online business training for faith-centered leaders worldwide.
With 15 years of experience as a certified coach, TC blends her legal and entrepreneurial expertise to empower business owners, executives, and managers to Work (with a capital W) in excellence. Her mission is to nurture potential for success in law, leadership, and entrepreneurship. In her personal time, she enjoys yoga and learning to roller skate.

Approach to Mentoring

Coach TC's approach to mentoring is holistic, focusing on the integration of my legal expertise, leadership insight, and entrepreneurial experience.  She believes in the power of asking thought-provoking questions to unlock the untapped wisdom within each client. Her business mentoring and coaching framework creates a safe, judgment-free space where clients can authentically explore their challenges, goals, and professional aspirations. It's critically important to her that clients feel acknowledged and heard, fostering self-awareness and empowerment.

Coaching sessions with TC focus on purpose, productivity, and profitability. She works closely with business owners and leaders as they align their professional endeavors with their personal values and aspirations. This alignment extends beyond the marketplace, reaching into all areas of life.  Her goal is to help clients achieve business success and lead fulfilling lives that resonate with their true selves.
Through coaching, Coach TC's clients cultivate their strategic thinking, leadership skills, and deep understanding of marketplace nuances crucial for navigating complex business landscapes.
TC is a graduate of Columbia Law School and Hampton University.  She lives by her personal mantra – Nothing is impossible when you consistently exercise your faith, focus and flow.

A Few Of Our Clients

Coach TC has been engaged to provide social media and digital brand-building coaching and training for the DC Bar Association, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Wall Street Project Economic Summit, Council on Foreign Relations, White House Fellows Program, Hampton University, Rutgers University, Rutgers University Business School, Levin Institute for Entrepreneurship, Maryland Bar Association, New Jersey Small Business Development Centers – as well as numerous individual attorneys, consultants, and small firms.