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I am TC Cooper, Esq. – an executive coach and experienced intellectual property and privacy law attorney based in Washington, DC. My professional journey has been defined by my commitment to empowering leaders to enhance their executive presence and discover alignment between personal values and the organization's values. With a wealth of experience in the legal and business aspects of innovation and a commitment to personal development, I am dedicated to guiding my clients to discover their optimal performance while navigating the ever-changing and evolving business environment in marketplaces around the world.

My expertise stretches beyond corporate transactions and data privacy laws and into strategic social marketing, especially as it intersects with digital business systems and artificial intelligence. I firmly believe in the power of technology to transform communication and leadership practices, and I bring this forward-thinking perspective to my coaching and online business consulting practice. Whether advising on intellectual property matters or data privacy issues or coaching executives, managers, or entrepreneurs to expand and amplify their leadership skills, my goal is to cultivate their commitment to continuous improvement, optimal performance, innovation, and integrity.

I primarily work with attorneys in transition and entrepreneurs who are doing business online.