7 Types of Facebook Posts That Will Get You Liked

7 Types of Facebook Posts That Will Get You Liked


A targeted Facebook “Like” can drive targeted traffic to your website and increase the value of your social currency. It also has the power, by its conspicuous absence, to instill doubt.  In a world where a brand-focused social media presence has become inextricably linked to the long-term success of your practice, Facebook ‘likes' play a part in measuring the effectiveness of your Facebook content in this social savvy world.  Here are seven types of posts that will get likes, and ultimately drive targeted traffic to your website.  The impact is more telephone calls, newsletter opt-ins and other actions that put you in contact with your ideal client :

1) Posts with Images

The typical Facebook user has a newsfeed with hundreds of articles to choose from. Most users scroll through this feed with haste and indifference, stopping only when they are caught by something that baits their interest. A striking photograph or a creative infographic is much more likely to succeed at breaking this “scrolling momentum” than text alone.

2) Posts with Videos

Facebook users love video. In fact, video consumption on Facebook has now reached an average of 1 billion views daily. By incorporating video into your posts, you significantly increase the probability that it will be seen and that prospective clients will interact with your content.

3) Posts with Quotes

Quotes can help you communicate your message, but they can also do so much more. By picking quotes that are profound, concise, or even clever, you can pierce the defenses and speak directly to the reader. Moreover, the source of your quote gives the reader subtle hints about your education, value system, and personality, helping the reader to connect to, and like you.

4) Posts about Popular TV Shows

TV Shows are another excellent way to relate to prospective clients. Naturally, the majority of content that you publish should focus on your area of practice, but an offhand comment about an exciting season finale or unexpected character development can go a long way toward establishing a connection, and earning likes. If possible, try to tie a plotpoint back to your practice (ex. “Rick Grimes is really giving another meaning to living will.”)

5) Posts about Popular Movies

Much like television, references to popular movies gain a lot of likes and can help you establish a connection with prospective clients. Film and television also offer you an excellent opportunity to gain exposure, since they frequently trend as discussion topics. By adding a trending hashtag to your post, you increase the likelihood that it will be seen by users who aren’t already following you.

6) Things Their Friends Like

When people see that one of their friends has liked something on Facebook, they interpret it as an endorsement of the content. Moreover, Facebook’s algorithms are programmed to recommend content to a user if it has been liked by many of her friends. By gaining a “critical mass” of likes, your content can potentially reach thousands of prospective clients.

7) Posts That are Timely

Writing about contemporary topics is an effective way to benefit from organic traffic. Just be sure that you're writing about topics that your target market finds interesting and the topic is appropriate for your brand.

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