Never Stop Marketing …

Never Stop Marketing …


Want to know the key to generating business in every economic environment? Don’t stop marketing! Your ideal clients cannot hire you if they cannot find you. Marketing is not optional. In fact, an effective marketing program can be a very powerful and lucrative lifeline for your business.

Let’s explore three low cost and high-impact things you can do this week to increase your visibility and influence by leveraging the power of consistent marketing.

1) Write Articles. Write no less than two articles each month that contain valuable content and a strong “call to action” at the end of the article. Maximize the impact of your “call to action” and build your database by directing readers to an email sign-up box on your website. Distribute your articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, article directories like, your electronic newsletter and document share sites like and UpwardAction® can help you consistently create and distribute content. Call us at 1 (800) 753-6576 ext 4. to ask how.

2) Host a free weekly teleseminar. Free teleseminars are a powerful way to create value, establish your expertise and systematically attract prospective clients. You only need 30 minutes to host an effective teleseminar. Spend 15 minutes providing content, then answer questions for 10 minutes. In the remaining 5 minutes of your teleseminar, share a brief client success story and provide contact details for those wanting additional information about your business solutions. To add an additional revenue stream, sell access to the recordings of your teleseminars for a nominal fee.

3) Develop and implement a system to connect with clients and prospective clients who are in your database. You can connect by using email to send a bi-weekly or monthly electronic newsletter with tips, resources and/or best practices that are directly related to the needs of your target market. Connect using smart phones and mobile technology by delivering a tip or resource each week. Use postcards to inform your target audience about upcoming events or special offers. There are several programs available to help automate the process of saying connected. Use them.

Until next time … Play to Win!

TC Coleman