Filter Out the Noise …

Filter Out the Noise …


If you want to experience the power of social marketing right now – start using tools that filter out online noise to bring you relevant information.

Gist is a free social media and web monitoring tool that accomplishes this task. The Gist technology brings your online contacts from places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Outlook together in one place. The software that powers this fantastic resource scours the Internet to collect the most current Google search results, blog posts and tweets about the people and companies you are connected with online. When using Gist, you can easily track what your contacts are posting on social networks and what is being written about them online at a simple glance.

I enjoy using Gist because it combines information from across social networks and the Internet with my emails, links, attachments and Google calendar to create a streamlined profile of the people and companies in my database. In today’s socially connected world, while I can interact and connect online with friends, fans, followers, clients and prospective contacts from throughout the country and around the world in many different virtual spaces; it was difficult to see information about our company's online contacts and my personal connections in one place until Gist.

As far as I'm concerned, Gist lives up to its slogan “Know more about who you know” by helping business owners leverage the power of social networks and the Internet through automating the collection and management of web based information. Best of all … it’s free!

Check out Gist at to explore how this tool can help you grow your business.

Until next time … Play to WIN!

TC Coleman