Attracting Entrepreneurial Success

Attracting Entrepreneurial Success


While there are many things that can make a measurable difference in your success as an entrepreneur, I have found the following UpwardAction® Truths are essential to building sustainable and profitable entrepreneurial success.

  1. Accelerated, sustainable growth requires you to create a powerful compelling vision of success for your business and write it down.
  2. Creating S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals designed to make your vision a reality is the best way to reach your desired level of sustainable business growth, faster.
  3. Taking time to develop a business plan (even a one-pager) that includes success milestones is important for keeping your business on track for accelerated success.
  4. Developing a powerful brand that reflects your “authentic” self is important for building loyalty with your clients and customers.
  5. Creating a powerful brand requires you to be clear about what is unique and special about your business. At UpwardAction®, we call this your Unique Business Position. Make sure you can clearly articulate what separates you from your competition in 10 words or less – with NO jargon!
  6. Leverage is the secret to accomplishing more in less time. Taking time to develop a committed and engaged virtual team is essential to building sustainable business success that allows you to enjoy your ideal lifestyle.

Your personal determination and commitment to daily UpwardAction® are most important to your ability to create success! Stop making excuses, stop perfecting and stop procrastinating.   Get into ACTION today, right now.

Play to Win!

TC Cooper