Mass Distribution – A Cause for Alarm

Mass Distribution – A Cause for Alarm


The increasingly large number of “aggregate all updates” social networking programs being offered by new social media marketing companies is alarming.   Social networks present an amazing opportunity for businesses and brands to attract new business, engage clients and expand their market share … when used strategically.

Simply lumping all social networks into one group with reckless abandon … okay…. maybe that's an overstatement.  Let's try again… . Simply lumping all social networks into one large group and updating them all together (same time, same frequently), without thought is not strategic, nor will it help you build a long-lasting magnetic brand.

Social networks have different cultures and best practices that must be respected for your social media marketing programs to be effective.  While it is certainly appropriate to aggregate the distribution of certain updates; mass aggregation/ distribution is NOT appropriate in all cases and, in fact, can be harmful to your brand.

  • You will damage your reputation with LinkedIn connections if you update your status with the same frequently or types of posts that are appropriate for Twitter.
  • You will lose the interest of your Twitter followers if you Tweet with the same frequency that is appropriate for LinkedIn.
  • You will miss valuable opportunities to connect with your Facebook friends and fans if you never utilize Facebook's internal linking system.
  • You will lose tons of valuable time if you fail to strategically aggregate and automate select updates.
  • And, you will undermind your online marketing activity if you do not couple social networking with off-line contact.

While the strategic use of social networks is certainly NOT rocket science, it does requires strategic planning and implementation to be effective – and to facilitate bottom-line results for your business.

I am alarmed by so many programs that neglect to incorporate a strategic, “business first” approach to using social networking tools.  When social networking is not working for your business, an adjustment in your strategic plan of action (or the creation of one) is often what is needed.

If you need help developing or implementing a strategic social media plan of action, let us know.   At UpwardAction, we are here for you!

Inquiring minds want to know: Do you have a strategic plan of action to shape your use of social media?  Leave your response in the comment section.  I want to hear from you!

Expect the Best!

Coach TC

TC Cooper, Esq. (Coach TC)
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