How 2 Monitor Your Online Reputation

How 2 Monitor Your Online Reputation


Building a magnetic personal brand and business brand requires (i) knowing what people are saying about your brand both on-line and off-line; (ii) engaging in conversation to help shape perception about your brand; and (iii) providing information that helps influence marketplace decision.

This process all starts with an effective and efficient online brand reputation monitoring and metrics system. You can hire an agency, like UpwardAction®, to help you manage your online brand.  Or, if  you are a DIY kind of company or firm; you can also put into place your own system.  We have found five basic components for developing an effective online brand monitoring system.

1) Monitor what is being written and otherwise communicated online about your brand. At a minimum, track the online mentions of –

  • Your name
  • Your business name
  • Names of “branded” programs or products
  • Key executives & spokespeople for your company
  • Clients
  • Key executives of your clients
  • Key prospective clients
  • Competitors
  • Strategic partners
  • Stakesholders
  • Key acronyms

While there are several really great enterprise level monitoring systems available at a cost, you can create a basic monitoring system using the following tools:

2) Use an online dashboard to track online mentions of your brand in one place. Two of my favorite tools are:

3) Monitor mentions of your brand on social networks. My favorite tools are:

4) Closely monitor the effectiveness of your online properties. Pay attention to traffic (e.g., rates & patterns) and online conversation (e.g., purchases, downloads, opt-ins).  My favorite free tools are:

5) Track your results. I highly suggest creating a spreadsheet to measure the effectiveness of your social media, digital marketing and online business development strategy and tactics. Take a look at your spreadsheet at least twice a month (once a week is ideal) and make adjustments as necessary.

Inquiring minds want to know: How are you monitoring your online brand?  What tools are you using? Leave your response in the comment section.  I want to hear from you!

Expect the Best!

Coach TC

Tasha Cooper Coleman, Esq. (Coach TC)
Speaker, Author, Executive Coach
Personal Branding & Social Media Marketing Strategist for Lawyers, Realtors, Financial Service Providers and Healthcare Providers

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