Web 2.0 Tools for Small Business Growth & Development

Web 2.0 Tools for Small Business Growth & Development


Web 2.0 technology makes it possible for professional service firms and retail businesses (both large and small) to (i) monitor their brand, (ii) track activities of key clients and (iii) engage their target market like never before.

Helping companies optimize their business for strategic on-line growth is one of my favorite things to do.  Here are a few of my favorite resources…

1)    Business Monitoring:  Gist
2)    Client Relationship Manager:  BatchbookSocialMediaImage
3)    Project Management:  37 Signals suite of productsAt UpwardAction®, our favorite 37 Signals program is Basecamp.
4)    Online Business Manager (shopping cart, autoresponder, affilaites program, etc.)1ShoppingCart (Disclosure –  My company actively uses this tool and this is our affiliate link.)
5)    Twitter Management:  Hootsuite
6)    Calendar Management.  BusyCal (We recommend for Mac users who do NOT use Entourage.)
7)    PDF Writable.  PDF Pen
8)    Document Management:  DropBox
9)    Enterprise level email, document share, calendar share, etc.:   Google Apps
10)  Virtual Assistants.  AssistU

Inquiring minds want to know … what Web 2.0 tools to run your business efficiently?  Leave your comments below.   I want to hear from you.

Expect the Best!

Coach TC

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