Twitter is one of my all time favorite social media tools.   Thanks to this micro-blogging platform I've met amazing people like @BrianMoran, @TrustBranding@ZaraGreen, @NancyMyrland@DonnaSeyle, @lawyercoach, @AdvertisingLaw and @BizinSpirit.  I've gotten to know fabulous folks like @Tim_Baran and @SmallBizLady better, PLUS I've reconnected with amazing mentors like @AlfredEdmondJr.

Twitter has also directly led to amazing clients and speaking opportunities with The Competitive Edge ConferenceNew Jersey Small Business Development Centers and the Council on Foreign Relations, just to name a few.

My success on Twitter is the result of time invested building relationships, sharing what I hope is valuable content AND using fabulous Twitter tools.  Following are a few Twitter tools that I've used during the past couple of years.  While some of these tools are still in my toolbox and others are not, I've found every tool listed below useful for accomplishing a specific business objective.

11 Very Cool Twitter Tools 

WeFollow – This tool will help you find new followers by industry, profession and keyword searches.  (

Just Tweet It –  This took make it easy to find people who are interested in things that are also of interest to you. (

Cherrp – This tool makes it easy to find local businesses and give reviews on Twitter.  (

Nearby Tweets – This is a geography–centric Twitter tool that makes it easy to to find people near your georgraphic location who are using Twitter.  This is a great tool for location-based businesses.   (

UseQwitter – This nifty tool sends an email when someone stops following you on Twitter.  (

Twitblocker – This tool helps identify and block spam Twitter account from following you  It’s pretty helpful.  (

SocialToo – This tool helps manage your Twitter account by (i) automating the process of following people who are following you, (ii) blocking automated direct messages and (iii) create Twitter polls.  (

TwitterCounter – This is a WordPress plugin that includes useful stats.  It also provides a useful widget that you can add to your blog or website to display recent Twitter visitors.   (

Listorious – Use this tool to find great lists of people and organizations to follow and monitor.  (

Timely.Is – Timely analyzes your Twitter activity and suggests times when your Tweets will most likely be seen and shared.  (

Twilert – This superfantastic tool sends email updates of Twitter search results based on specific keywords.  (

BONUS: LexTweet – Use this tool to find fabulous lawyers and legal industry people on Twitter.  (

Are you using any of these Twitter tools?   What has been your experience with them?   How are you using twitter to grow your business or practice? I'd love to know!


Play to Win!

~TC Cooper (aka “Coach TC”)

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