Navigating the corporate world or government sector, or pioneering your own venture can be akin to charting unknown territories. The hurdles are numerous, and the stakes are high. Yet, what if there existed a beacon to not only support you through these challenges but to shine brightly as you conquer them?

Dive into the transformative journey of Executive & Entrepreneurial Coaching with TC Cooper (aka Coach TC).

Coach TC, with a track record of excellence, brings her multi-faceted experience to guide those at the helm of organizations, middle-managers on the verge of executive roles, and entrepreneurs striving to carve a niche with their expertise. Her credentials are a testament to her depth and breadth in the corporate and government spheres:

  • Hampton University alumna (#HBCUgrad) and a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar from Columbia Law School (#IvyLeague).
  • Accomplished associate at Wall Street's Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, with a practice focused on private equity and financial sectors.
  • Guided legal strategy and governance at the luxury watchmaker Movado Group, even stepping into the acting general counsel role.
  • A pivotal role in the government, championing data accuracy and privacy rights as the chief privacy officer and senior agency official for privacy.
  • A proud member of the International Coaching Federation, seamlessly bridging the corporate world with impactful coaching.

The UpwardAction® Learning framework is the bedrock of Coach TC's methodology. Her approach is not just about ascending the corporate ladder or scaling a business. It’s about a holistic journey where leadership, personal growth, and organizational excellence intertwine. It’s about aligning your vision with actions, ensuring not just professional growth but a legacy.

Whether you're an executive seeking to refine leadership skills, a middle-manager eyeing that next big role, or an entrepreneur crafting a vision, coaching with TC can help make your vision your reality.

Why Coach with Coach TC?

  1. Align your professional journey with core values and vision.
  2. Acquire tools to manage stress and achieve a work-life harmony.
  3. Enhance decision-making, strategy, and relationship-building.
  4. Integrate proven business strategies with personal growth insights.

Are you ready to redefine your professional narrative and make lasting impacts?

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