ICONC Personal Branding for Professionals

ICONC Personal Branding for Professionals


An ICON is a object or symbol of uncritical devotion. It is loved, respected and in some cases revered.

A personal brand is your unique promise of value. It is what a person expects when she hears your name or a person encounters anything that reminds him of you.

Your personal brand (aka “promise of value”) can become ICONIC when it is: Identifiable, Creative, On Top of Mind, Number One, Intentional, and Client Focused.

Let's explore each of these traits in greater detail:

Trait 1: Identifiable
An ICONIC personal brand is identifiable by a particular type of client as “the solution” for specific types of issues. ICONIC personal brands are not general. They must contain an (i) identified “promise of value” for a (ii) specific type of solution that is relevant to a (iii) clearly identified target market and ideal client.

Trait 2: Creative
A personal brand becomes ICONIC when a specific type of client considers it to be creative when finding solutions to specific types of problems.

Trait 3: On Top of Mind
A personal brand becomes ICONIC when it is “on the top of the minds” of people when thinking about a particular type of issue, problem or concern.

Trait 4: Number One
An ICONIC personal brand is not only ‘on the top mind' for your ideal clients and target market, it is also considered to be the “number one” solution for specific types of situations, problems and concerns.

Trait 5: Intentional
ICONIC personal brands are intentional about providing impeccable service. Quality and high-value is of the utmost importance at all times and in all circumstances.

Trait 6: Client-Focused
Clients first want to know if you can resolve their specific issues before they are interested in learning anything else about you. ICONIC personal brands are client-focused brands for which every “promise of value” is directly related to solving an identified need or solution that an ideal client is likely to encounter.

A personal brand is built on your gifts, talents, skills and reputation.

Now that you know what makes a personal brand ICONIC, take an assessment of how your personal brand measures up. Then, start taking the UpwardAction™ necessary to make your personal brand ICONIC. Let me know if we can help.

~TC Cooper