In the fast-paced world of law, the challenges are countless. The demands on your time, energy, and resources can be overwhelming. But what if there was a way to not only manage these challenges but to thrive amidst them? 

Enter the realm of Attorney Wellness & Optimal Performance Coaching with TC Cooper, Esq. (aka Coach TC).  Coach TC's distinguished career, rich with diverse experiences and achievements, uniquely equips her to support lawyers in aligning their careers and lives with their values, goals, and purpose to become and be their most authentic selves for optimal performance and joyful living.   

Coach TC brings into every coaching conversation her expertise, empathy, and experiences as …

  • A proud alumnus of Hampton University (#HBCU) and a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar from Columbia Law School (#IvyLeague).
  • A seasoned associate from the Wall Street stalwart Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, where her practice focused on private equity and financial institutions.
  • A legal eagle who steered the legal helm as deputy to the general counsel, and even as the acting general counsel for a short period, at the luxury watch company, Movado Group – where she also further provided expertise as the assistant secretary to the board.
  • A civil servant in government, serving as managing associate general counsel for FOIA, Privacy, and Financial Crimes – and then chief privacy officer and senior agency official for privacy, responsible for ensuring the accuracy and utility of data, while safeguarding individual privacy rights.
  • An esteemed member of the International Coaching Federation, melding the world of law with the transformative power of coaching.

With the UpwardAction® Learning framework as the foundation, Coach TC's approach isn't just about navigating the legal profession. It is also dedicated to supporting every client's journey with wellness at the forefront and performance that's not just effective but optimal. 

Whether you're at the crossroads of your legal career, seeking a strategic pivot, or simply wanting to enhance your well-being and optimize your performance to increase the wallet and heart share of your clients, coaching with Coach TC could be your ideal solution.

Benefits of Coaching with Coach TC

  1. Realign with your core values and vision.
    Learn strategies to manage stress and maintain optimal wellness.
  2. Optimize performance, efficiency, and client relationships.
  3. Navigate complex legal challenges with clarity and confidence.
  4. Embrace a holistic approach that blends the tenets of law, business acumen, and personal well-being.

Ready to unlock a new dimension of professional excellence and personal well-being?

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