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Sharing Documents – Made Easy

Posted By on Apr 12, 2011

YouSendIt makes sharing large files online easy and affordable. Have you have ever had trouble sending a large file to a client by email. If you answered YES, you’ll love YouSendIt at This free technology makes it easy to send large files online. It also provides a simple solution for sharing large files with multiple people. YouSendIt provides the ability to store a file online, create a link to the file and...

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Branding Bootcamp

Posted By on Mar 8, 2011

Business Branding Bootcamp Registration Opens Today! Does your business have magnetic appeal? Are opportunities from strategic partners flooding your inbox? What about your telephone? Is it ringing off the hook with inquiries from ideal clients and customers? If you answered yes to each of these questions, congratulations! Go back to “doing what you're doing.” If you answered NO to any one of these questions, keep reading....

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A magnetic brand is a “promise of value” that systematically and consistently attract your target market and ideal clients. This happens when you become clear about (i) your target market, (ii) the exact needs of your target market, (iii) your value as it relates to a bottom-line objective and (iv) exactly how your value connected to a “known” need in the marketplace. This process works for entrepreneurs,...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vicinity Media Group—publisher of Suburban Essex, Vicinity, and inBiz Magazines, with websites including—has chosen Upward Action LLC as a partner in providing cutting-edge social media and digital marketing programs to Vicinity Media Group and its advertisers. “Maximizing the advertising dollars of our clients is of utmost important to us,” said David Black, founder and CEO of Vicinity Media...

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Build a Magnetic Personal Brand

Posted By on Jan 6, 2011

You have a brand. Period. In fact, you ARE your brand. People who interact with you on a daily basis for even a moment are left with their own impression of your value. This happens regardless of whether you are or are not intentionally working to shape such impressions. As an executive, your personal brand plays a major role in your reputation within your corporation, agency or nonprofit. Your brand has a direct impact on your work...

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