Sharing Documents – Made Easy

Sharing Documents – Made Easy


YouSendIt makes sharing large files online easy and affordable.

Have you have ever had trouble sending a large file to a client by email. If you answered YES, you’ll love YouSendIt at This free technology makes it easy to send large files online. It also provides a simple solution for sharing large files with multiple people. YouSendIt provides the ability to store a file online, create a link to the file and share the link with multiple people. Nice! This is particularly useful when you want to share videos, photos and large documents containing lots of graphics.

The free version of YouSendIt is often enough for professionals with an occasional need to transfer large files online. If you often need to share large documents online, consider upgrading to the pro version for expanded storage and faster upload times. used in conjunction with Dropbox (, another one of our favorite web technologies, makes sharing large documents a breeze for professionals and business owners alike. Best of all … is pretty safe, easy and affordable.

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TC Cooper