You are who Google says you are …

You are who Google says you are …


When on-line, you are who Google says you are. Harsh, but true. In today's fast-paced, information driven world – Google has SocialMediaImagebecome the “go-to” resource for locating information and validating decisions. Neglect Google and you are essentially turning away clients and customers.

Establishing a magnetic personal + business brand online is the best way to build your “Google currency” and use the power of Google to fuel your business. Here's how to get started:

1) Purchase key domain names. Whenever possible, be sure to own the following domain names:

  • Personal name
  • Company name
  • Names of signature programs, products or services
  • 2) Establish a Facebook personal account. Then, secure your name by going to If your name is no longer available, try using a middle initial or nickname.

    3) Establish a Facebook business page. After you have started a Facebook personal profile, (i) create a business page, (ii) attract 25 fans and (iii) secure your business name by going to

    4) Establish at least two Twitter accounts (each requires a different email address). Establish an account for (i) your name and (ii) your company name. You should also create an account for the brand names of any signature programs, products or services. Use one of the accounts as your active Twitter account; let the others be placeholder accounts. I suggest sending the following Tweet from each of your “placeholder” accounts: “Thanks for visiting [INSERT COMPANY NAME] on Twitter. This is a placeholder account. Please visit us at [INSERT TWITTER ADDRESS].” After adding your company name and Twitter handle, tweak this message as needed to fit within the 140 character count.

    5) Create a LinkedIn Account. Once you have established the account, fully optimize it (we have a program that can help you do this) and update the public profile URL to include your name.

    6) Establish your name on multiple social networks. Determine the social networks your target market is actively using and reserve your company name on those sites (e.g., MySpace, Xing, etc.).

    7) Be consistent when using images, photos, color and language on various sites. You want to build a magnetic brand that is easily recognized -and, inspires trust, loyalty and influence.

    9) Use video! Video is the fastest growing social media platform and one of the most powerful ways to build a magnetic brand. When uploading videos to YouTube® and other video share sites, be sure to use strategically selected keywords in your titles and descriptions. Proper keyword selection is important when building “Google currency.”

    Now that you know how to start building your “Google currency” with a magnetic brand, it's time to get into UpwardAction.

    Expect the Best!

    Coach TC

    Tasha Cooper Coleman, Esq. (Coach TC)
    Speaker, Author, Executive Coach
    Personal Branding & Social Media Marketing Strategist for Lawyers, Realtors, Financial Service Providers, Healthcare Providers and Luxury Brands

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