Wow Your Clients! Grow Your Business.

Wow Your Clients! Grow Your Business.


Happy clients and repeat business are essential to the sustainable success of all businesses. The holiday season is a great time to turn your marketing focus inwards and turn your clients into brand ambassadors. Implement the following tips to “wow” your clients and get them talking about the genius of your business.

1. Surprise a current, former or prospective client with something of value that reinforces your brand, once a week. One of the best ways to grow your business exponentially is to invest in generating repeat business.  Happy clients will invest in additional services and often refer new clients.

2. Pretend you are your ideal client. Make a list of three things that will increase the value of your business offerings from your client’s perspective.  Implement the items on your list!

3. Use email marketing to add value by helping clients maximize their experience with your programs, products or services – and grow your business.  This is easy to do.

  • Create a list of 10 ways to achieve maximum results from each of your core business offerings. Then, write a short paragraph for each item on your list with specific instructions for implementation.
  • Set-up an auto-responder series for each of your core offerings using your collection of articles.
  • Add clients to the appropriate auto-responder series to automate the process of growing your business by adding value. Use your auto-responder series to strategically introduce complementary items from your suite of business services to existing clients.

4. Write a one-sentence “guiding principle” that captures the essence of your value to clients.  Read this sentence every day and make sure it’s reflected in every business interaction.

5. Make a list of two client-centric daily actions to build and sustain momentum in your business. For the best results, identify actions that can collectively be done within one hour. Invest time to take these actions before checking email and starting your day.   Examples of daily actions can include – writing a short article or blog post, recording a short podcast or sending handwritten thank you notes.


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