UpwardAction Salutes Isabel dos Santos

UpwardAction Salutes Isabel dos Santos


Isabel José dos Santos is an entrepreneur and investor who, in January 2013, was named by Forbes magazine as Africa’s first female billionaire with a net worth estimated at USD $1.9 billion.  Forbes also named her as one of Africa's richest people.

9 Facts about Angola's Isabel dos Santos

1. Ms. dos Santos was born on April 1, 1971 and is a citizen of Angola.

2.  Her father Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has been President of the oil-rich country African nation – Angola since 1979, four years after the country gained independence from Portugal.

3.  She graduated from King's College in London, England.

4. In the early 1990s, Ms. dos Santos started her career as an engineer and project manager.

5.  At age 24 she started her first business, a restaurant called Miami Beach.

6. Currently, Ms. dos Santos owns 19.5% in Banco BPI one of Portugal’s largest publicly traded banks.

7. She is a board member and own a 25% stake in Banco BIC Portugues, the parent company of the nationalized bank, Banco Portugues (which in 2013 was estimated to be worth round  $160 million).

8. Ms. dos Santos also owns a 28.8% stake in Portugal's ZON Multimedia, a cable TV and Internet company (which as of 2013 was reportedly worth $385 million according to Forbes magazine).

9. She is married and is mom to three children.

You can read more about her on Wikipedia and about her accumulation of wealth on Forbes.com.

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