Twitter is by far one of my favorite social networks.   Twitter is a particularly useful tool for small business owners because it can be leveraged to (i) initiate relationships with prospective clients, (ii) identify business opportunities, (iii) attract speaking engagements and (iv) meet industry colleagues.  When used strategically, Twitter can initiate activity that leads to an expansion of your market share.

Before business owners dive into the Twitterspehre and start tweeting away or even hire a marketing agency like UpwardAction® to develop an integrated online marketing strategy for your company, I highly suggest that you monitor (aka “listen to”) how others are using Twitter for business.  Start building a powerful “listening” campaign by following and listening to my top 35 Tweeters.

This list covers a range of small businesses, big brands, CEOs, business & marketing advisers and motivational speakers.  Observe the tone & style of the Tweets for each brand/person as you consider the impact Twitter can have on your business.

  1. American Express (@OPENForum) –>
  2. 85 Broads Organization (@85BroadsNewYork) –>
  3. Dick Sporting Goods (@Dicksportingss) –>
  4. E.L.F. Cosmetics  (@askelf) –>
  5. H & R Block (@hrblock) –>
  6. Pet Smart (@petsmarttlc) –> http://PetSmartTLC
  7. Wachovia Bank (@wachovia) –>
  8. Uniball (@UniBall_USA) –>
  9. Vera Bradley (@verabradley) –>
  10. Leap Frog (@leapfrog) –>
  11. Bigelow Tea (@bielowtea) –>
  12. Community Market (@communitymarket) –>
  13. Graco (@gracobaby) –>
  14. DKNY (@dkny) –>
  15. Pete Cashmore (@Mashable) —>
  16. Lethia Owens (@LiveYourBrand) –>
  17. Richard Rosenblatt (@DemandRichard) –>
  18. Pete Blackshaw (@pblackshaw) –>
  19. Brent Leary (@brentleary) –>
  20. Glen D. Gilmore, Esq. (@TrendTracker) –>
  21. David Bullock (@DavidBullock) —>
  22. Tony Hsieh (@zappos) –>
  23. Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) –>
  24. Wayne Sutton (@waynesutton) –>
  25. Alfred Edmond Jr (@alfrededmondjr) –>
  26. MariSmith (@marismith) –>
  27. Andrew Morrison (@2morrisonandrew) –>
  28. Amy Cosper (@entmagazineamy) –>
  29. Lena West (@lenawest) –>
  30. Diane Hessan (@communispaceCEO) –>
  31. Monikah Ogando (@monikahogando) –>
  32. John Jantsch (@ducttape) –>
  33. Rieva Lesonsky (@rieva) –>
  34. DeLores Pressley (@delorespressley)  —>
  35. Michael Hyatt (@michaelhyatt) –>

BONUS – Follow me on Twitter at —>

Now that you know who to follow, it's time to get into UpwardAction® by establishing a “listening” program!   Let me know if you need help making Twitter work for your business.   UpwardAction® is here for you!

Expect Excellence!

Coach TC

Tasha (TC) Cooper Coleman | UpwardAction® CEO

PS – Fellow lawyerpreneurs – I've got you covered later this week.  Stay tuned …

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