Get unstuck, starting right now

Get unstuck, starting right now


It's day 7 of 2014 and some folks are already feeling stuck.  Well, there's no time for that ….  If you are feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed or otherwise stuck, here are 7 tips to get you moving … right now. 

1)  Stop. Pray.  Focus.

2)  Write down a SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic & time-bound) goal that you want to achieve before your work-day is over.  

3)  Make a check-list of actions that must be taken to accomplish your goal.  Check the box as you accomplish each action.  

4)  Identify the obstacles that are likely to pop-up on your journey to accomplishing your goals and determine how you will overcome them.

5)  Write down any needs that must be met to accomplish your SMART goals, identify who can help you and get the support you need.

6)  Take Action.  Measure the results.  Then, take more action.  

7)  Reward yourself for accomplishing your SMART goals.  Rewards can be as simple as 10 minutes of mindless Internet surfing or as extravagant as a pair of black patent leather Christian Louboutin platform pumps.   The bigger the goal, the bigger the reward. (-:   

Now that you know what to do, go do it! 

My best to your best!
TC Cooper

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