UpwardAction Salutes Tech Entrepreneur Amos Winbush III

UpwardAction Salutes Tech Entrepreneur Amos Winbush III

As the mobile market extends its reign, Amos Winbush, III resides at the throne of backup technology.   As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. So, keep reading to learn how this tech mogul went from the recording studio and record deals to saving your digital data.

Getting Started

It was in the midst of a fourteen-hour recording day when an iPhone blackout occurred that resulted in the loss of all Amos' contacts and a stroke of brilliance.

The idea: Automatic backup of data on computers, phones, and mobile devices. With two engineers found on a craigslist ad, Amos began work on CyberSynchs.

Sixty million users later, Mr. Winbush’s New York based company has built a company with revenues approaching 9 figures. In fact, his brainchild CyberSynchs now has 15 employees that include millennials and baby boomers.

Mr. Winbush credit's the success of CyberSynch to studying other companies, honing his leadership skills, and respecting the knowledge of team members. He says that these things, along with staying open to new possibilities, have made his company a success and his dreams a reality.

Making Waves

In 2010, Amos Winbush was recognized as Black Enterprise’s Innovator of the Year. 2010 was a special year for Mr. Winbush and CyberSynchs as he was also included in the 100 Brilliant Companies list by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Like many modern tech companies, CyberSynch is run in a free flowing, creative manner with a focus on social engagement.

Building a Legacy

Thanks to Mr. Winbush’s innovative mind and resilient spirit, data synchronization is now a modern problem solved.

A wildly successful company that began in a small studio apartment and grew to the mighty force it is today.

Most impressive of all … Mr. Winbush manages to accomplish these business feats while being husband to his lovely wife, a corporate executive  in her own right, and dad to his baby girl.

The information in the article comes from information learned by Mr. Winbush and CyberSynchs in Inc. magazine.  To learn more about this tech genius, check out the articles for yourself at http://www.inc.com/magazine/201112/the-way-i-work-amos-winbush-iii-cybersynchs.html, https://www.cybersynchs.com/Amos-Winbush-III.php, and http://www.inc.com/30under30/2010/profile-amos-winbush-cybersynchs.html

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Photo courtesy of Ebony magazine.  Click here to see the full photo shoot.

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