Is Your Business Ready for Social Media?

Is Your Business Ready for Social Media?

Social media can be a powerful “momentum builder” for your business or it can be a colossal waste of time. Before embarking on a social media campaign, pause and ask yourself the following key questions to determine if your business is ready to effective leverage the power of social media and web technology.

1. Do you have a comprehensive marketing strategy?

To be the most effective, social media must be one component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. While social media can be the lead component; however, it cannot be the only one. Speaking, print ads, trade shows, terrestrial radio advertising and online radio advertising are just a few tactics that can be included in a comprehensive marketing strategy.

2. Is your company ready for increased visibility?

Social media facilitates dialogue between businesses and customers. It also provides a platform for dialogue between customers. Such dialogue increases the possibility for receiving both positive and negative feedback. Is your company prepared to devote the resources (time and/or money) necessary to monitor and respond to compliments and criticism?

3. How are your customers currently using social media?

Developing and implementing an effective social media campaign requires that you know exactly how your customers and clients are currently using social media in their everyday lives. This information is essential to building an engaging and high impact social media program that leads to bottom-line results.

4. What resources does your company have to invest in social media marketing?

Social media tools are free; however, the effective use of them has a cost. Market research, strategic planning, creative content creation and implementation require an investment of time or money. It is important to determine how much of each your business is willing to invest in your social media campaign before you get started.

5. Are your customers willing to discuss their use of your products?

Social media campaigns are most effective when they leverage the power of customer testimonials and client endorsements. Are such testimonials and endorsements common in your industry and for your line of products?

6. What is the current condition of your company’s online assets?

Social media is most effective when incorporated into your complete online presence. What social media sites are you currently using? How often do you update your website?

Now that you know how to determine if your company is ready to fully leverage social media, it’s time to take UpwardAction! If you need a little help to get started, take advantage of our “pick Tasha's brain” special offer for new clients.

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