7 Tools to Manage Instagram

7 Tools to Manage Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the scene. It has become a powerful way to leverage the power of photos and short videos to attract business opportunities.  According to Mashable, Instagram now has more daily active users than even Twitter.

If you've determined that your target market and ideal clients are actively using this social network, you'll want to check out the following 7 tools.   Each one of them makes it easy to manage your Instagram account.

1. Statigram @ http://statigr.am
Use this tool to run contests, manage comments and track your Instagram stats.

2. Igertools @ http://igertools.com
Use this resource to find tons of tools to help mange your Instagram account.

3. GramFeed @ http://gramfeed.com
Use this tool to easily few photos from your followers, like photos and add comments to photos that you like.

4. Insta Friend-or-Follow @ http://insta.friendorfollow.com
Use this app to keep up with who has followed or unfollowed you. Also use it to follow people back.

5. Followgram @ http://followgram.me
Use this tool to manage your Instagram account from an online dashboard that contains the latest photos from the folks you follow along with stats about which photos your Instagram folks liked and commented on the most.

6. Ink361 @ http://ink361.com
Use this tool to turn your Instragram photos into art that can be easily printed, shared and sold. Lots of great photos are available for purchase starting at $1.00.

7. Postagram @ http://postagramapp.com
Use this tool to turn your Instagram and Facebook photos into postcards.   This is one of my all-time favorite tools.

Do you have a favorite tool for getting the most from your Instagram account?   Leave it in the comment section.   I'd love to know what you're using!

Keep Striving!

TC Cooper

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