Decisions, Decisions, Decisions …

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions …


2013 was the sum total of your DECISIONS.

What happens in 2014 will be the RESULT of your DECISIONS.

Decide to win – or decide that failure or mediocrity is okay.

Decide to finally do “IT” – or decide to keep planning and waiting for the every elusive “perfect time.”

Decide to exercise your faith – or decide to keep hoping and praying
(psssss -> In order for prayer to work, you must do your part. Remember …. ‘faith without works’ is dead.).

Decide to do accomplish something that is worthy of celebrating- or decide that you are content cheering for others.

Decide to get the help you need to success at an accelerate rate- or decide to keep messing around trying to figure it out yourself, hopeful that something will click.

Decide that 2014 will be the year that you finally live up to your potential – or decide to stay in your comfort zone and be content with what it is.

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My best to your best!

TC Cooper

photo credit: Madison Guy via photopin