Biz-ni-tize Your Firm

Biz-ni-tize Your Firm

Biz-ni-tize Your Law Practice Infrastucture with Systems

A strong infrastructure is an integral part of any successful business.  Efficient systems make a strong infrastructure possible.

When you engage UpwardAction®, we will work with you to develop systems that biz-ni-tize your law practice, transforming it into a profitable law business.   We will help you leverage the power of Internet tools to develop systems for billing and invoicing clients, optimize client communications and manage email correspondence.

If your law practice is unorganized or your systems non-existent, it’s time to biz-ni-tize it. Let’s talk.

Pro-fi-tize Your Firm

Pro-fi-tize Your Firm

Pro-fi-tize Your Law Business with Online Marketing

Profitable law businesses leverage systems for marketing, business development, client care and law firm operations. The plethora of online tools not only make it possible, but easier than ever (when you know what you’re doing), to develop lead generation funnels that are effective for your target market; marketing messages that pre-qualify clients; paid search campaigns that target specific types of clients; and, special offers that add additional revenue streams to your law business.

If you’re ready to grow your practice with results-based marketing, let’s pro-fi-tize it!

Hu-man-ize Your Firm

Hu-man-ize Your Firm

Hu-ma-nize Your Law Business with Client Care

Clients often have similar questions about their cases during and immediately after litigation. Responding to these commonly asked questions is time-consuming and resource draining. As a result, many small firms have poor communication practices.

We can hu-ma-nize your firm with automated and manual (i) client care, (ii) case management and (iii) referral sequences for use via telephone and email – making it highly responsive to current, former and prospective clients.

If you are ready to grow your law firm, let’s hu-ma-nize it!

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Lawyers | Consultants

At UpwardAction®, we specialize in working with law firms and solo practitioners optimize their online reputations to significantly increase website traffic, social media engagement and client conversion. We also help management consultants and financial services providers do the same.

Lawyers who work with us over a period of time build influential online reputations that introduce prospective clients and web referrals to the accomplished, civic-minded and successful attorney you have become, not the inexperienced lawyer you once may have been (which sometimes shows up in the form of bar grievances from the earliest days of your law practice).

Management Consultants and Financial Services Consultants who work with us over a period of time build influential online reputations that provide prospective clients and web referrals with a compelling snapshot of your competencies and successful past engagements.

UpwardAction® is a online reputation management, social media marketing consultancy and inbox magazine (aka “electronic newsletters) publishing company serves lawyers, management consultants, IT consultants and financial services consultants.



Tasha (TC) Cooper, Esq. | Founder and CEO

TC Cooper is a social marketing consultant, online branding strategist and social media lawyer. As the CEO of UpwardAction®, she helps lawyers and leverage the power of the Internet to increase sales through impact and influence. She accomplishes this through effective social marketing campaigns, media buys and content curation. TC earned her law degree at Columbia Law School, where she was a Harlan Fisk Stone Scholar, and her BA with honors from Hampton University. She is also a CoachU Graduate. Click here for TC’s full bio.


David BullocK
Senior Consultant – Technology

David Bullock brings an engineer’s perspective to business development. His focus is helping businesses drive sales and his method is to view technology as tools in his kit – tools that can bring measurable results.

David has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Delaware and started his career with engineering positions at Mobil Oil and The DuPont Company, as well as Fanuc Robotics North America. He learned about statistical control of manufacturing processes and ultimately began to figure out how to put in place processes that work the first time, every time. He moved into sales, where he applied an engineering mindset to running his territory, resulting in sales of more than $200 million over seven years.

David brings his methodical approach to UpwardAction® clients, where helps our clients maximize the efficiency of sales-oriented web pages, reducing costs while increasing sales and market response by up to 300%, and orchestrating highly effective media buys and paid advertising campaigns. Among his tools is the Taguchi Method, a process that effectively and rapidly tests a wide variety of web page headlines, text and visuals to find combinations that will drive the most traffic and conversion to sales. David has the rare distinction of being certified as a TRIZ/Taguchi Ad Optimization Specialist. David is also the technical editor for the Adwords for Dummies Book and co-founder of the highly acclaimed SEO Rainmaker Seminar.



Marenda Hughes Taylor
UpwardAction® Certified Business Advisor

Marenda Hughes Taylor has over 15 years of experience in Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and content optimization. She is a leading expert who brings her commitment, passion and expertise in virtual technology and digital branding to UpwardAction® clients.


Subject Matter Expertise.   Dedication.   Client Care.

Our Social Brand Authority and Online Reputation Management programs are designed to help lawyers, legal professionals and consultants build influential and even magnetic online brand reputations for themselves and their law practices that increase their impact, influence and income.

If your online reputation is challenged by negative or disparaging content, we can help build your story in a way that influences your online reputation. Here’s how –  we inundate search engine rankings with positive information about you, your law practice and your law firm using a process that systematically pushes down negative information.   To accomplish this, our team uses social marketing strategies and Internet marketing tools to:

1)  Create and publish positive content about your personal brand and your law firm brand in a process that is influences by how high  negative or disparaging content about your  or your practice ranks;

2)  Displace top rankings for misleading, outdated or inaccurate content by designing a process for your needs that considers  that factors in the  with regards to the number of searches for your name and law firm name;

3)  Ethically process information incorporating the most paramount practices in social media marketing and Internet marketing to ensure the absolute best, most effective results; and

4)  Publish content about your personal brand and law firm online reputation in a deliberate manner over a sustained period of time to mimic the natural flow of information published on the web; leading to higher search engine placement for your content, creating a natural flow of information that results in higher rankings in search engine rankings.

Interested in getting started?   Let’s talk.  Call our office at (800) 753-6576 or leave your contact information for us here.

UpwardAction® is engaged for a variety of digital branding and online reputation management services that include:

*  Social Marketing Consulting
*  Online Training (CLE & CPE  available)
*  Developing Marketing Videos for the Internet (e.g., hand drawn whiteboard attorney marketing videos)
*  Email Marketing Services (e.g.,  the development, management and publication of mobile newsletters)
*  Pay Per Click services (i.e., Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ad, Promoted Tweets)
*  Media Buying
*  Social Media Management
*  Lead Generation

Social media media engagement includes maximizing social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to attract business opportunities and leverage the web to nurture relationships.

Click here to view our capabilities statement.

I found Tasha’s LinkedIn and Twitter presentations to the DC Bar Association extremely informative. As a business consultant and service provider, I know the importance of employing social marketing for self‐promotion. Tasha shared creative, practical and time efficient ways to use social media in my business. Her thorough presentations showed me how to improve my LinkedIn pro=ile and to use Twitter to provide value and get the word out about my firm.

Deb Gaveglio Deb Gaveglio

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