What really matters …

What really matters …


Welcome to the year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac, signifying a year of bravery and courage.  2010 is the year that businesses with strong brands and strategic marketing programs can experience breakthrough success.

Businesses that will experience such success will be those with a compelling brand message demonstrating a precise understanding of current client needs and exact solutions for those needs.

Take time now, at the beginning of the year, to make certain you know what your clients need NOW and will continue to need in the coming year(s).   This information is necessary to develop a clear and compelling brand message that inspires the trust and loyalty necessary to influence (i) prospective clients to become clients and (ii) current clients to invest more of their resources with you.

The best way to make sure you really know what is happening in the lives and businesses of your clients is to simply ask them.   Consider creating and distributing a short “new year” survey to current clients, former clients and select prospective clients that asks …

  • their biggest concern in your area of practice;
  • where they are planning to spend their dollars – as related to your area of practice;
  • what is keeping them up at night; and
  • what “pain” they are experiencing, but have decided to suffer through until a later time.  This last question is of particular importance because this answer will help you avoid spending your time on solutions for “pains” your target market may be feeling, but are not willing to invest in resolving.

Once you are crystal clear about client needs and what needs they will pay to resolve, adjust your 2010 plans as appropriate.

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