Web Tech Feature: Join.me

Web Tech Feature: Join.me


UpwardAction® Web Tech Feature

Tool: Join.Me
URL: http://www.Join.me

What is it? Join.Me is a screen-sharing tool that facilitates online conferences of up to 250 participants. It has a one-to-one direct screen control feature. This tool also makes it easy to chat and send files.

In addition to the features above, Join.Me Pro provides:

  • A Personal Link and Custom Background option, which allows you to create your own personal meeting room, complete with a URL and custom background.
  • A Meeting Scheduler feature that creates meetings and allows you to send invitations through platforms such as iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar.
  • User Management, which lets you add others to your account as “Presenters,” and gives you the ability to manage their access.
  • Meeting Lock, which allows you to control who can see your screen. When a meeting is locked, prospective viewers must knock to enter. When meetings are unlocked, the meeting is open, and anyone with the code or personal link will be able to join a meeting (aka “online conference”).
  • International Conference Lines, which are activated each time you begin a conference.

Join.Me has iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

Practical Application for Lawyers:
Join.Me provides many of the benefits of an in-person conference all without requiring you or the client to step foot in a physical conference room. You can conference and collaborate from the comfort of your individual locations. This online tool makes it easy to create an interactive experience with clients – virtually! Need to present a plan of action or explain the nuances of a contract? No problem. You can control and share your client's screen, personally navigating them through through contracts and other documents. Very cool indeed.