On being a good and faithful steward …

On being a good and faithful steward …


God has untrusted us with everything that we need to accomplish the desires of our heart.

How well are you caring for what God has given to you?
Are you a good steward of your …

MIND – or do you pollute it with negative thoughts, gossip and the like.
SPIRIT – or do you starve yourself of prayer and meditation
BODY – or do you consistently pollute it with junk & reject healthy eating and exercise
FINANCES – or do you spend with reckless abandon …
RELATIONSHIPS – or do you treat people poorly
BUSINESS – or are you consistently winging it
MARKETING – or are you too timid to make offers to people who need you?
“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.” Luke 16:10

This very moment begins a new time that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. Make it count!

Stay Inspired!
TC Cooper

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