Do more. The world needs you now…

Do more. The world needs you now…


Your time is now. Stop waiting.

If you care about something … say something.

If you want to accomplish more … do something.

If you have an opinion that needs to be heard … convey it.

Stop waiting for the approval of others. The approval of your value system is enough.

Stop waiting until you know more, have more experience or have achieved more success. You have enough. You are enough. You know enough.

Now … this isn't an excuse to stop learning.
For a long as you are breathing … you must continue to learn more, grow more and experience more. And, the more you know, the better you'll become.

But .. here's the thing …

You must not wait until you have gotten to the “MORE” before you begin to do the work you have been called to do. The world needs you now.

You must not wait until you have achieved “more” to serve the people you have been called to serve. They are waiting for you.

You must not wait until you have been educated more before creating the programs, products, and services that are within you. A person needs your genius now.

You must not wait until you have “gotten it all together” before writing the article or book, recording the audio or webinar – or releasing photo or other image that you are capable of producing right now. The more you do, the better you will become – and the world around you will benefit from your journey.

Know this …

There will always be haters.
There will always be critics.
There will always be people who say and think you are not good enough.
Screw them!

Focus on the people who need you and are served by your contribution.
These are the only people who matter.

When you are courageous enough to share your gifts with the world throughout your journey, people will be served and you will be blessed.

Stay Inspired!

TC Cooper

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