Build a Magnetic Personal Brand

Build a Magnetic Personal Brand


You have a brand. Period. In fact, you ARE your brand. People who interact with you on a daily basis for even a moment are left with their own impression of your value. This happens regardless of whether you are or are not intentionally working to shape such impressions.

As an executive, your personal brand plays a major role in your reputation within your corporation, agency or nonprofit. Your brand has a direct impact on your work experiences and ultimate success.

The personal brand of an entrepreneur and business owner has a direct impact on the business brand. People will transfer what they think about you to what they think about your company. Your sustainable success in business is build on a personal brand that inspires trust, loyalty and good will.

Want to know more about what it takes to build a magnetic personal brand that leads to professional success? Check out the following presentation featuring UpwardAction® CEO – T.C. Coleman.

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