Engage and Influence Your Clients – 27 Ways to Use Social Networks

Social media certainly has the power to be a great equalizer in business development and client retention for small businessesTasha (TC) Cooper Coleman at The Manor, West Orange NJ, growth-stage companies and large corporations.  Strategic use of social media tools combined with authenticity are key ingredients in the secret sauce for online business success.

During the past week, I've had the pleasure of speaking to more than 100 business owners at two events in New Jersey about how social networks and digital marketing can be used for brand development and to ignite exponential business growth.  The most common question during my talks was … “Exactly, how can social media and social networking add value to my business??”  As this was such a popular question from a very diverse group of business owners,  I've decided to share my top tips here on our corporate blog.  Let's go!

Business owners can use social networks to:

  1. share information about new services
  2. announce new product lines
  3. share information about upcoming events
  4. announce special deals for clients and customers
  5. solicit customer feedback
  6. share client success stories (within FTC guidelines)
  7. keep a finger on the pulse of their industry
  8. generate buzz
  9. experience the energy and momentum of their brand in real-time, once making an announcement
  10. start relationships
  11. give to their ideal clients by adding value
  12. stay on top of ground-breaking trends
  13. reward loyal customers in a public forum
  14. share experiences and best practices
  15. create an instant feedback loop with clients and customers
  16. initiate conversations
  17. personalize their brand
  18. find new clients and customers
  19. listen for new business opportunities
  20. facilitate an open dialogue with customers, clients and colleagues
  21. launch informal focus groups
  22. share press releases
  23. generate website traffic
  24. keep up with technologies and new ideas before they become mainstream
  25. figure out what to do next in their business
  26. garner media coverage
  27. become more customer/client focused

Now that you have lots of ways to use social networks to attract, engage and influence your target market and ideal clients, it's time for you to get into UpwardAction®!   Let me know if we can help!

Expect Excellence!

Coach TC

Tasha (TC) Cooper Coleman, Esq.

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