Be Inspired. Business tips from Ireland’s Sarah Newman

Happy Sunday!

Entrepreneurs, be inspired by the wisdom and practical business tips of Sarah Newman, dotcom millionaire and the only female dragon on Ireland's TV series “Dragons Den” – the Irish version of America's “Shark Tank.” Sarah built her fortune by growing her online hotel reservations  booking company from €0 and 1 employee (Sarah!) to more than €100m and 95 employees in 10 years.  She has since sold that company and moved on to other profitable business ventures.   Listen, learn and be inspired to take UpwardAction®!

Key Lessons

  • Leverage your strengths
  • Be diligent about knocking on doors
  • Learn to inspire people to believe in you + your goal
  • Go for the low-hanging fruit
  • Do not look back with regrets – keep moving forward.
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