Grace As A Corporate Practice

Grace As A Corporate Practice

As an executive coach, I often work with leaders who are developing their leadership style and way of showing up authentically. It is not uncommon to broach the topic of grace and it’s place in senior leader in government, corporate, and law firms too. Here’s what I know. Grace is…

An assertive mindset means not second-guessing yourself or dismissing your ideas before you fully consider them or share them with others. Let go of the need to be "right" or "perfect" when sharing. This will help you trust that your instincts are valuable from the start or that they will spark other ideas; this combination both curates and contributes to a creative and innovative environment.

How You Can Enhance Problem-solving And Idea Generation With Assertiveness

Be inspired by enhancement, efficiencies, and evolution. Train your mind to notice efficiencies everywhere. Feel inspired when you see a process working well, and be curious about the lessons you can learn and apply to your own work. Gamify your efforts to make things more efficient to make innovation fun, and find joy and excitement in seeing your ideas come to life.

How You Can Maintain Motivation And Inspiration For Continuous Innovation