Impact More People with Your Message, Make Your Content R.I.S.E.

Impact More People with Your Message, Make Your Content R.I.S.E.

“How do I get more people to sign up for my email list or webinar or tele-seminar?”

The question I wrote above is one that I get all of the time. Here's the short answer – you've got to increase your influence.

Here's the longer answer. 🙂  In order to be more influential, you've got to create content that matters to the people you want to influence. You've got to consistently create content that leaves people better off than when they first consumed what you shared through video, words or audio.  Great content is essential to building a brand that is influential. An influential brand is what inspires people to take an action.

Your content is what people who discover you on the Internet will use to determine if you are credible, likable and trustworthy. Your content shapes these people's first impression of you. Content is also a part of what people who are already familiar with you will use to help determine if you are continuing to be a relevant and knowledgeable leader in your industry. The greater the impact your content has on the people consuming it, the more influential your brand (especially your online brand) will be.

A few weeks ago, I did a training on Periscope about a process you can use to increase the power of your message and the impact that your content has on the person reading, watching or listening to it. I call this process R.I.S.E.

If you want to have a bigger impact on your target audience, you've got to make your content R.I.S.E.  Listen in as TC shares the R.I.S.E. formula.

Now that you have heard the formula, it's time to go deeper.  Download the slides for the R.I.S.E. formula from our account to guide your action.





Okay, now you are familiar with the R.I.S.E. philosophy, it's time to implement.  Do you have questions about this process?  Click here to join our Facebook Community of business owners and professionals and ask away.  We call it ACTIONeer Land.  🙂 

Remember this, unused knowledge is weight, you've got to implement it to find your power.   Blessings!  ~TC

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