Online Business Strategies for Your Dream Business

Online Business Strategies for Your Dream Business


Dream businesses lead with vision and follow-up with systems.  A vivid vision will inspire and motivate your target market, ideal client and most importantly YOU.

The comprehensive nature of a vivid vision also serves as a framework for evaluating all decisions.  Framework is essential for building a thriving business positioned for sustainable success because it provides a springboard for taking fast, thoughtful action when new opportunities present themselves.

Money and success are attracted to the strategic fast action that is only possible when supported by a strong decision making process.  Online business leverage allows you to increase the effectiveness of your business systems exponentially with minimum additional effort.

Systems are what differentiate “business owners” from “job owners.”   A person who owns a job is simply someone who works for herself in a matter that requires personal action in every business activity.   For “job owners,” incoming revenue stops when the person stops working.      A business owner is simply someone who owns an operation that can exist and be profitable without her personal involvement in every business action.

Take a moment to consider whether you own a professional service business or professional service job …

Now that you know the difference between being a “business owner” and a “job owner,” let’s explore the five components of a leveraged business that is profitable and brings you authentic joyful success.

  1. VISION:   Vivid visions inspire and motivate others.  Use language to convey the essence of your vision that speaks to the heart and soul of your target market, independent contracts and yourself.    Online business leverage begins with your ability to communicate the core of your magnetic business brand in a virtual environment.    You can do this easily when you are thoughtful about this process, hire an expert and take action on any “homework” projects.
  2. PURPOSE:   Be clear about your business objectives and the resulting transformation they create in your life and the lives of others.  Use your personal experiences to build a story that connects you with the core essence of your target market. Develop a clear, concise and compelling language that connects to the heart and soul of your target market, and then get ready for massive success.
  3. GENEROSITY:  Operate your business with a spirit of abundance to realize tremendous tangible and intangible success.   Be generous when providing free information and creating unforgettable positive experiences for your clients and prospective clients.   Make a decision to add increased value at every opportunity without exception.   Create effective business systems so that the more you give, the more opportunities you have to convert clients and colleagues.   You can leverage your generosity while preserving your time by utilizing tools like autoresponders and eNewsletters (a.k.a. ezines).
  4. PROCESS:  Sustainable thriving businesses have processes that govern routine business actions.   The processes also provide a framework and method for making sound business decisions.    When systems are in place, business owners and entrepreneurs alike have the flexibility necessary to be creative, innovative and profitable.
  5. FAITH: The belief in the reality of the vision is faith.    Faith that is supported by a vivid vision and solid systems will attract your ideal clients and business opportunities, in addition to helping you build the momentum necessary for transformational success in your business and life.    Online business leverage operates at its highest level when it is utilized to inspire the faith of others in the possibility represented by your magnetic brand.

You now know the basics for building your dream business and a life that is authentically joyful and sustainable.    If you are ready to expand your business and increase your revenue, contact us to schedule a complimentary strategy session with T.C. Coleman.