Are You Minding Your Website Numbers?

Are You Minding Your Website Numbers?


Numbers form the foundation of all profitable websites and social marketing campaigns. Online success requires that you have a firm grasp on how many people are engaged with your content. You must also know how people are engaging with your content. You can start to figure out this information by monitoring your most popular (i) webpages, (ii) website entry pages and (iii) website exit pages. Also, pay close attention to how much time people are spending on your site and what they are doing while visiting.

I've created an easy to use chart to help you start tracking your most important website traffic numbers. While this chart does not cover it all, it will get you into UpwardAction. Click here to download your copy of the UpwardAction Website Traffic Report – Quick Start Edition.

To get access to your numbers, sign up for a free Google Analytics account or paid GetClicky account. These are my favorite tools!

Let me know what you think or if you have questions by leaving a comment below.

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PS – The GetClicky link goes to my affiliate account. So, I'll profit a little if you subscribe to GetClicky via the link above.   However, you can count on the fact that I only recommend programs or products that I have purchased, personally reviewed or are from people I know and trust.