10 Steps to Profitable Email Marketing

10 Steps to Profitable Email Marketing


The power of social media and email marketing makes it easier than ever to fill your book of business with your ideal client, when you know what to do.   If you're ready to make things happen, I've put together 10 steps to get you started.  Let's go.

  • Step 1:   Define your target market.
  • Step 2:   Clearly identify your ideal client within your target market.
  • Step 3:  Select one significant pain, need, want or desire your ideal clients are experiencing right now and will most likely pay to resolve.  Your ideal clients MUST consider your selection a priority that is urgent enough for immediate investment.   This is important. 
  • Step 4:  Determine exactly how your specific programs, products or services provide THE answer to the pains, wants, desires or needs of your ideal clients.
  • Step 5:  Write a short message that uses the information that you discovered in steps 1 – 4  and can be emailed to your ideal clients.  Your message should (i) paint a vivid picture of the distress your ideal clients are likely facing because of the need, want or desire identified in step 3; (ii) describe a few ways this need, want or desire can be met or resolved; and, (iii) share exactly how you can provide the solution your ideal clients need and, most importantly, want.   Once these elements have been included in your email message, you are ready to hit send.
  • Step 6:  Send your email message to the people in your database who fit your ideal client profile or are likely to know someone who fits the profile.  It is important to include the second (“likely to know”) category of people because they can serve as excellent sources for referrals.
  • Step 7:  Convert your email message into a blog post and post it on your website.
  • Step 8:  Share a link to your blog post on your Facebook business page.
  • Step 9:  Share a link to your blog post on your Twitter account.
  • Step 10:  Share a link to your blog post in a LinkedIn update.

Now that you know what to do, it's time for your upward action.   Leave a comment below to let me know how it goes.   I've love to hear your story!

 ~TC Cooper