TODAY is what matters most.

TODAY is what matters most.


I recently read “Driven to Distraction” –> a really good article in the April issue of INC. magazine by Jason Fried. Jason is co-founder of 37signals, home to my favorite project management tools – Basecamp and Backpack. Click here to learn more about this fantastic company via our affiliate link..

Jason ended this article, which is all about staying focused on what matters most in your business, with 5 key questions I know are ESSENTIAL for lawyerpreneurs, business owners and entrepreneurs. Take a few minutes to answer the questions. Then, review your answers and adjust your business actions to transform all answers NO to YES!

1) Are your customers thrilled with your service, TODAY?
2) Is your inbox flooded with word-of-mouth referrals, TODAY?
3) Can people find what they are looking for on your website, TODAY?
4) Do your employees love their jobs, TODAY?

Invest time improving what is important to your business … TODAY. When you make this a daily habit, you will be amazed at the phenomenal cash-positive results that will follow.

Expect the Best!


TC Coleman, Esq.
CEO of UpwardAction® | Business Coach

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