VIP Strategy Days

Private VIP Strategy Days are available for business owners and entrepreneurial lawyers who are ready to leverage the power of social media and the Internet marketing to exponentially increase their influence, impact and income.



  • Want to reposition your brand to move in a new direction, but don’t know how;
  • Are ready to leverage the power of social media and Internet marketing to increase revenues;
  • Recognize the value of this unique opportunity to work with an attorney and business leader like TC Cooper, who understands where you are in your business and knows how to help you get more profitable results, in less time.


  Momentum Branding VIP Strategy Day PrepWork


  • Preliminary Questionnaire.  To get ready for your Momentum Branding Blueprint VIP Day, we require the completion of a detailed questionnaire approximately two weeks before your VIP day. Tasha will use this information to work on your magnetic brand message, intellectual property recommendations and custom social marketing plan.


  • Pre-Planning Strategy Calls.  After submitting your questionnaire, you (and your team) will have at least one pre-planning strategy session with Tasha Cooper Coleman by conference call (or in-person for more comprehensive programs) to gather additional data about specific business goals and objectives.


  Your VIP Strategy Day includes strategic planning for:

1. Magnetic Branding:  We'll work with you to develop a magnetic business brand message and a strategy for building momentum and generating buzz.

2. Social Media: We’ll help you develop a strategic plan that embrace your business brand in 3 key areas: online messaging, social marketing and community building.

3. Marketing Calendar: Together, we’ll develop a draft 6-month editorial and marketing calendar.

4. Intellectual Property: Together, we’ll create an action plan for developing and leveraging intellectual property in your business.

5. Online Publicity: Together, we'll create a strategy to increase your online visibility, natural search engine results, and targeted online traffic.  You will leave your Private VIP Strategy Day(s) energized and armed with detailed plans of action that are ready for implementation.


  Private VIP Strategy Day(s) Follow-Up

During the 30 days following your Momentum Branding VIP Strategy Day, you (and your team) have two 30-minute follow-up sessions with Tasha by conference call (or in-person for more comprehensive programs) to answer any additional questions regarding your social marketing and business development action plans.


  VIP Strategy Day Deliverables

After our work together, you can expect a clear strategy that contains a combination of the following deliverables and is based on your specific business goals.

1. Syndicating your magnetic brand message online in a way that magnetically attracts ideal clients and new business opportunities.

2. Increasing online leads.

3. Attracting, engaging and influencing the decisions of ideal clients.

4. Growing the online division of your business.

5. Maintaining a 6-month editorial and marketing calendar.

6. Increasing your natural search engine rankings.

7. Generating online buzz.

8. Optimizing your LinkedIn personal and company profiles.

9. Attracting, engaging and connecting in a way that generates online publicity.

You'll leave this experience with a custom social marketing plan of action that we’ll build together based on your specific goals and objectives.


  Investment: $7,500 

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