Social Media Policy Development

Social Media Policy Development

Every law firm and corporate needs a clearly defined social media policy.

Social media is not only here to stay, it’s becoming more and more an essential part of people's everyday life. When used effectively, social media is “game changer” that has the potential to empower employees and interns to increase your law firm's visibility; better serve your clients; and expand the influence an individual's brand as well as the  firm.   When misused, it can significantly damage your brand and lead to liability.

A smart social media policy communicates your firm’s expectations for the use of social media and sets the tone for online engagement. It also helps to (i) manage your firms' online reputation; (ii) promote and protect your firm's online brand; and, (iii) manage risk and liability.

The most effective social media policies are clear, direct and written in plain English (not legalese). If your firm does not have a social media policy, UpwardAction® can help.

Custom social media policies range from $1,500 to $7,500 depending on the size and diversity of practice areas within your firm.  Call us at (800) 753-6576 for more information about how UpwardAction® can help you develop a policy that is designed to meet the exact needs of your firm.