Social Media for Lawyers

Social Media Consulting with UpwardAction

The Internet in general and social media in particular have transformed the way people search for lawyers, investigate the integrity of lawyers and even verify the expertise of lawyers.  Here's the truth.  If you are an attorney and you are not managing your online reputation, you are losing money.   If you are an attorney and you are not actively engaged in capturing and sharing client testimonials, you are losing money.  Real talk.

Digital technology has increasing become important to attorneys who want to streamline their marketing, client intake and some aspects of routine client comity.   Attorneys who are not leveraging the power of online productivity tools and  automated follow-up systems (via email, snail mail and text) are not only waiting time, they're losing money.

Social media marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and animated video marketing provide effective and efficient ways to streamline routine office functions, systematize marketing campaigns to attract qualified business leads and close deals faster – if you know what you're doing.  Here's where UpwardAction® can help.   

UpwardAction® CEO TC Cooper is an ivy league educated attorney who has spent time as a private equity attorney at a large New York law firms, corporate government and intellectual property attorney for the Federal Government, in-house counsel and assistant secretary for a publicly traded company, professional trainer on law practice management topics for bar associations, and entrepreneur who has founded several online ventures.   Each leg of her legal and entrepreneurial journey has provided her with the specific expertise needed to help lawyers leverage the power of the Internet to build social brand authority, protect their reputations and attract new business.   

To learn more about UpwardAction®'s social media strategy, social media management, online reputation protection & management, and online training programs (including for CLE credit), click here and leave your contact information.   Someone from our team will contact you within 1 business day.