Online Reputation Management

Do you like what you see when people search for your name?

Does just thinking about what come's up when people search for your name or your law firm's name make you cringe? 

Do you like what you see when you search for your name, but are frustrated that it's not leading to clients?   

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, UpwardAction® can help your firm build an influential and  profitable online reputation.

Social Media Authority - Virtual Resource GroupTasha “TC” Cooper (an attorney and the founder of UpwardAction®) and her team of online reputation experts are really good, in fact, they are exceptional at helping those who do not have an online presence and those who have an online reputation that is challenged with negative information – leverage the power of social marketing and Internet marketing tools to develop an online presence that strengthens their brands and attracts ideal business opportunities.

UpwardAction®'s online reputation management processes incorporate a customized mix of strategies and tactics that will increase the influence and power of your online brand, regardless of whether your current online reputation is non-existent, tarnished or stellar.    

• If your online reputation or that of your law firm is non-existent, we will develop a keyword optimized website for you that is designed to maximize search engine traffic and the amount of time visitors stay on your website. We will also design branded social media pages for the social networks that are most appropriate for your law practices – as determined by your team and Team UpwardAction® with your specifics goals and objectives in mind.  We will also help you develop and implement an effective content writing program which, along with positive client reviews, will serve as the foundation of an influential online reputation.

• If your online reputation is plagued by negative information about you (e.g., bar grievances from past years) or your law firm (e.g., a few unhappy clients from past years) that is outdated and no longer fairly represents the attorney you have become, we can help by (1) managing your response to negative reviews in a manner that is ethical, responsible and showcases your legal competence and professionalism; (2) requesting the removal of inaccurate information; and (3) systematically publishing keyword rich content about you, your practice and your law firm in a matter that will impact search engine results for your name.

• If your online reputation is strong, but it's not leading to new client inquires, we can help you build online lead generation funnels that will attract your ideal clients, provide them with valuable content designed to not only increase your influence and impact; but also influences them to contact you for help with their legal needs.

At UpwardAction®, we are intimately familiar with the critical importance of a strong online reputation.  We also know first-hand the direct impact your online reputation has on your online and off-line reputation, and the impact that your online reputation has on your business.   Our online reputation management programs provide comprehensive, result-driven solutions to help build your Social Brand Authority and maximize the impact of your law firm's online reputation and your personal online reputation.   Team UpwardAction®takes the actions necessary to help you build an online presence that accurately represents the essence of your personal brand and professional competence of your law firm; then, we celebrate right along with you when you meet and  exceed your specific online marketing goals and objectives.

Ready to build an online reputation that will transform your under-performing law practice to a thriving law business?  Let's talk!   Click here to get started.  Got questions?  Send an email to our founder and president TC Cooper at CoachTC{@]    She responds to every email.   Just give her a few business days to get back to you.