Personal Branding for Lawyers

Your brand is a promise. UpwardAction® can help you keep it.

Your brand is a promise of what your clients expect from you and everything with which you are associated.

One of our favorite things to do when helping clients build profitable and influential reputations is working with a client to develop a plan of action for their participation in community service, client service and legal community service activities that support the client's personal and professional goals.  We then work with the client to develop content that leverages this work to increase the impact, influence and income of our clients.    For our clients who already have a strong foundation for their personal brand, we leverage your assets to help you get more of what you want.

Your personal brand is the secret sauce that makes you “YOU” and it's what distinguishes you from every single person on the planet.  A profitable online reputation brings your personal brand online where it can connect with the heart and soul of the clients you are destined to serve … leading to greater influence, impact and income.

If you are ready to develop a personal brand that represents the lawyer you really are and leverage the power of the Internet to build and influential online reputation.  Let's talk.  Click here to leave your contact information. 

Social Media for Lawyers - Tasha Cooper

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In addition to online reputation management services, UpwardAction® offers virtual training programs and in-person training programs that show lawyers and consultants exactly what to do in order to build an influential personal brand and profitable law firm brand.    Call our offices at (800) 753-6576 to enter your contact information here to get started.