Welcome LinkedIn Colleague

Welcome LinkedIn Colleague

Welcome LinkedIn Colleague!

Thank you for clicking to learn more about UpwardAction® and me.

This page was created to give you an overview of UpwardAction®. I invite you to use this page as a road map for learning more about the transformation our clients experience when working with us.

Our Work

At UpwardAction®, we help lawyers, law firms, entrepreneurial executives and organizations use email marketing, article marketing, online video marketing, social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Plaxo, etc.), blogs and search engine optimization (SEO) to generate new leads, convert clients and build expert status. Our work results in a measurable increase to our clients' online visibility and bottom-line results.

UpwardAction® services are delivered via group coaching, personal 1:1 coaching, virtual training, in-person training, keynote presentations, content development programs, ghostwriting services and custom consulting programs (includes virtual and in-person VIP days; social media policy design and implementation; social media marketing design and training; social media marketing implementation).

To learn more about us, check out the following resources:

Social Media Marketing, Ghostwriting, Coaching and Consulting Services: Learn more about our services for individuals and organizations by clicking here.

UpwardAction Corporate Blog: Visit our corporate blog at UpwardActionBlog.

LawyersLaunchpad Blog: Visit our blog community for lawyers at LawyersLaunchpad.com for business development, social media and eMarketing tips written with the entrepreneurial lawyer in mind.

ArticlesByCoachTC Page: Visit the articles page of our CEO, T.C. Coleman, Esq. at ArticlesbyCoachTC.com for links to business development and marketing articles.

UpwardAction for Success eNewsletter: Subscribe to FREE eNewsletter for personal branding and social media marketing tips at UpwardActionforSuccess.com.

Social Media Communities

Twitter: Join us on Twitter at http://www.Twitter.com/upwardaction. Get ready for Tweets about branding, eMarketing and Music.

LinkedIn: Connect with our CEO, T.C. Coleman, Esq. on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin/in/tccoleman. Just note that you are following her on Twitter in your message.

Facebook: Become a Facebook fan at http://facebook.com/upwardaction.

Okay… just who am I as a citizen of the world?

In addition to being a business and marketing coach, I’m living the life of my dreams with my hubby in New Jersey. While I do enjoy New Jersey, I'm certainly a Southern girl at heart who hails from the great state of South Carolina!

Are you a decisive person who takes action? Are ready to transform your business and build sustainable success?

If you are ready to experience the joy of a successful fulfilling business and would like to work with UpwardAction®, Click here to request a complimentary 15 minute strategy session with a member of Team UpwardAction. We take our work very seriously and pour our hearts into the success of our clients. As a result, we are very selective when accepting new clients and only work with positive, action-oriented entrepreneurs, lawyerpreneurs and entrepreneurial executives. If this describes you, we look forward to talking with you on your complimentary strategy call. Click here and request your complimentary session via the comment box.

Questions? Tweet me @upwardaction or leave a comment on our blogs!

Expect the BEST!