How We Do It

How We Do It

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Our Social Brand Authority and Online Reputation Management programs are designed to help lawyers, legal professionals and consultants build influential and even magnetic online brand reputations for themselves and their law practices that increase their impact, influence and income.

If your online reputation is challenged by negative or disparaging content, we can help build your story in a way that influences your online reputation. Here's how –  we inundate search engine rankings with positive information about you, your law practice and your law firm using a process that systematically pushes down negative information.   To accomplish this, our team uses social marketing strategies and Internet marketing tools to:

1)  Create and publish positive content about your personal brand and your law firm brand in a process that is influences by how high  negative or disparaging content about your  or your practice ranks;

2)  Displace top rankings for misleading, outdated or inaccurate content by designing a process for your needs that considers  that factors in the  with regards to the number of searches for your name and law firm name;

3)  Ethically process information incorporating the most paramount practices in social media marketing and Internet marketing to ensure the absolute best, most effective results; and

4)  Publish content about your personal brand and law firm online reputation in a deliberate manner over a sustained period of time to mimic the natural flow of information published on the web; leading to higher search engine placement for your content, creating a natural flow of information that results in higher rankings in search engine rankings.

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At UpwardAction® every one of our programs and services is customized for the unique set of needs of our clients. Content is written to your specifications and is both reviewed by you and approved by you for content accuracy and tone prior to publication via our online client portal.

We specifically start this process by:

  • Developing, writing and publishing a variety of client-optimized content that is designed to attract and influence your ideal client and potential referral partners in your target industries;
  • Creating a “social brand authority” profile for your personal brand and your law firm brand and then utilizing this information to determine the appropriate social marketing and content development strategy for your law business or consultancy;
  • Publishing content for lawyers, legal professionals and consultants on a strategic mix of websites based on relevance to your practice areas and credibility of the website(s);
  • Appropriately placing information to dominate search engines, with consideration to the authority and strength level of the sites that come up when searching for your name & law firm name; and
  • Creating specific blog posts, industry white papers, client-centric blog posts; and attorney-focused biographical sketches among other types of content.

If you are ready to manage your online reputation and build social brand authority that attracts and influences clients, we are ready to help.  Let's talk!