image concept de stratégie marketing (valider / accepter)Imagine delivering distinctly different marketing messages to specific segments of your target audience, knowing that the messages will only be seen by the groups of people for whom they were intended. Facebook Ads brings this vision into reality by providing detailed data about the likes, interests and demographics of its vast user base. Thanks to this data, you can create and distribution specific messages – through FB Ads – for specific groups of people.

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet with more than a billion users. 72% of adults online visit the network at least once a month. As of 2014, the average time spent on Facebook by its users is 20 minutes a day. With these kinds of numbers, it is safe to say that if your firm, agency or company serves adult humans, your target audience is likely using Facebook at least once a month. If your ideal clients are using Facebook – they should find you there adding value and driving people to your website.

At UpwardAction®, we are Facebook ninjas who can help you reach and engage with your ideal client population in a way that pre-qualifies them for services and drive them to your home base, your website.

Interested in using Facebook to attract your ideal clients? Let's talk. Call us at (800) 753-6576.

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