Content Creation for Lawyers

Content Creation for Lawyers

Content Creation

Our content creation services provide tangible benefits:  thoughtful, high-value, keyword optimized content designed for search engine attraction and client attraction.    All services start with a content creation strategy and editorial calendar. All content is designed and structured to:

  • Encourage visitors to get to know, like and trust you.
  • Establish you as an expert for your industry in your practice areas.
  • Encourage website visitors to pick up the phone and call for help with their legal needs.
  • Inspire people to share your content with others.
  • Establish your “social brand authority” and status as an influential force of nature.
  • Render search engines effective in driving people to your websites.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Content that is designed to fulfill a specific purpose and accomplish a particular goal.
  • Blog posts to encourage conversation on social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Authoritative articles that are designed to establish you as the go-to expert in your practice area, while building your “Social Brand Authority.”
  • Strategic press releases designed to create buzz about your expertise in a way that drives traffic to your website – leading to an increase in qualified, targeted leads.

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